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Tonight will be my night to cook & freeze. I finally threw out some tubs of Thai curry which had followed me around since the mid 80's, and bought a couple of fresh ones at Ranch 99. Green and yellow curry.

In Thailand, the protocol for curries is this:

Green is for beef
Yellow is for chicken
Red is for pork and anything you want to get really spicy (peanut sauce, for instance)
Masaman is bland, and is for anything you don't want spicy.
Panang curry is new-ish, works best, I think, on shellfish.

Tonight's efforts will be yellow curry chicken and green curry beef. I have bonesless skinless chicken thighs and a roll of flank steak to work with.

Green curry beef will get green peas and maybe water chestnuts. Yellow curry chicken will get mixed veggies. Or I may get brave and make kaaw muuk gai which would be "cow mook guy" transliterated into American. It's chicken which has been cooked into a pot of rice. Like Spanish rice. It's a southern Thai dish, popular with the Muslims. I've got to be careful about the amount of rice, since my food plan is kinda strict that way. One cup per meal. The usual ratio for this dish is 3 to 1.

I may also make salmon, but maybe not, since I have a very quick and delicious routine with the frozen boneless filets. Just put one on a microwave-safe plate, pour some Garlic-basil salad dressing over it, cover with plastic wrap and nuke in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. Comes out poached & yummy.

I already made some peanut sauce, which I love on just about any meat:

1 cup chunky peanut butter
2 tsp curry paste (red is best, yellow will do)
some water

Mix the curry paste & peanut butter. Add water a couple of tbsps at a time to make a paste
Nuke for 30 seconds in microwave
Take the resulting ugly mass and add water a couple of tbsps at a time until the mixture is creamy and a good consistancy for dipping. Add curry paste to taste, if needed.

I usually just make it in a coffee cup. Small batches are easier.


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