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Almost human

Back at work. A day of mostly rest was a good idea. I am almost human today. Stuffy nose, irritated eyes and a little bit of a sore throat, but mostly okay.

My BayCon art show entries are on their way (had them printed from Flickr by Qoop.com) along with a bonus photo for iamradar & scendan. Sent off a permission request to a fellow whose photo was taken at RustyCon, and also sent a note to DragonCon asking for them to help me get in touch with one of their Dawn winners whose photo is also a possible entry. Still haven't heard back from Joe Castro about using his zombie's photo. May need to try him outside of MySpace.

In other photo news, someone in Germany asked if they could use one of my photos from Thailand in a church publication on global climate change. I told them no, because (a) the photo has nothing to do with climate change, it's just your typical river house on stilts, and (b) I have no way to get the house owner's permission. Besides, I think the climate change panic is hogwash.

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