Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

I'm in a tall modern building, maybe 50 stories, each floor is a different ethnic art museum. I am looking for the modern art museum, because there is some event I want to go to. When I look out the window, I'm about 4 floors up, and see that on the outside of the building the name of each museum is clearly marked in easy to read 3-D letters on the marble facing of each floor. I can only see a couple of floors up and down, and the modern art museum isn't one of those. So I go down to the ground floor and walk outside and across the street and down the block until I can see enough of the names to find the one I am looking for.

Instantly, by dream magic, I am back inside the building on the right floor, but it isn't the modern art museum, it's a floor of the office building tricked out to be one of those urban colleges, just a hallway with evenly spaced doors. The walls are navy blue. Each door is white, and closed, but has a small whiteboard on the wall to the right of the door. As I pass by each door, I hear music coming from inside. I notice that there are several people scattered through the hallway, and everyone is pausing by each door, listening for music from their country. I realize this is an international music event and the deal is that each room has music from a different country. If you can identify the country, you're supposed to write the name on the whiteboard, and if you want to, go inside. I hear something garbled coming from the door in front of me, and there are words in languages I don't understand, but I take them to be names of songs, and the word "Andalusia".

I start down the hallway, listening for Thai music, and after going about 3/4 of the way around the building I find a deserted section of hallway and hear a scratchy, low-volume tune which I vaguely recognize. Instead of a whiteboard there is a scrap of white post-it paper on the door which says "Thai" in Thai letters. I open the door, the music gets slightly louder, and as I look around the bare room trying to locate the source of the music, it fades out just as I remember it's from a movie called "Sweet Sixteen" and the song is called "Where's the Bathroom?".

I wake up with a headache.

Yes, there really is a song called "Suka Yu Hon Die" which is Bangkok slang for "Where's the Bathroom?" literally means "In which room is the toilet?" from a 1970's Thai movie whose English name is "Sweet Sixteen". And of course I know the song and have it on tape (and now copied to CD). I may be the only person in America who knows this song. It's a cute song, sung by a young man who has a crush on a young woman. He's hanging around the lavish Indra movie house where she is seeing a movie, waiting for her to come out. Acting all suave and hip, he comes up to her and makes small talk (where are you going?, who is going with you? who were you talking to? can you give me a little smile?)  and he walks her home. When they get to her house, he says he has something to ask her, and it's clear he wants to ask for a date, b ut he chickens out and instead asks if can use her bathroom.

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