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Running Late

Not even dressed yet.

Last night went to Pear Ave Theater only to find out the online ticket thingie screwed up and made my reservation for tonight. Can't go tonight or tomorrow or next weekend, looks like I will miss the show. Harumph.

Slept in, the cold is still there but mostly just a cough now. Spent the last half hour copying the CD pamphlet for Weird Romance (copied the CD last night) and listening to the second of the two one-acts in the show, "Her Pilgrim Soul". Now all I need to do is get this all delivered to _oy_ somehow.

Cute story. After scendan's Vagina Monologues last weekend, a bunch of us went out to dinner, and _oy_'s scientist husband was late because he was working. "Her Pilgrim Soul" is about a scientist who is camping out in his lab, and his wife is suspicious that there's Another Woman™. Turns out there is, sort of. The scientist's experiment is something about a hologram, and mysteriously a girl appears in the hologram. She seems to be aging at a rate of a year for every hour, and scientist doesn't dare leave the lab as he and his assistant talk to her, trying to figure out WTF she is doing in his experiment, who she is, etc. I think it's the perfect nerd love story. Makes me cry every time.

I really need to get showered and dressed and out. Nails, shopping, dinner in SCruz among other things.

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