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Woke up in time to get to the easter egg hunt, but was delayed 10 minutes by a major motorcycle crash right where Black Rd. meets Skyline. Had to wait till the emergency vehicles cleared out. There was a forest fire truck from Loma Prieta, a Los Gatos city fire truck, and a sherrif's deputy car. Still on the scene when I drove by were three motorcycles and a CHP car.

EEH was fun, but I didn't make out very well on the gifts, only two of my eggs had gift numbers in them, and they were way late in the drawing. Two things I already have too many of, and one thing I have no use for. But the non-gift eggs did have the most foreign coins, so I won a very nice little silver egg charm for that. Kind of funny that the guy who won the $100 gold piece thought it was play money. farmount put a lot of gem/precious metal things in the gift bags.

Hung out for a while, then drove down the hill and did some of the shopping I didn't do yesterday, watched Disney's Hercules over dinner, did one load of laundry and called my Dad. It looks like Mom will be able to be home Thursday for the afternoon, but in a wheel chair,  so I'll be bringing clothes down from the master bedroom so she can choose which things will go to the new apartment and what will be sold/donated. I'm hoping for good weather because I want to take a panorama series of pictures of the rather spectacular view of Lake Washington they will be giving up. It's the only thing about that house I will miss.

Looks like I won't have Friday night free after all, my sister wants to take me to her riding lessons Saturday morning, so I need to be at her place in Poulsbo Friday night. I will be free Thursday night, though, and maybe Sunday afternoon, too.

BASFA tomorrow, since the first Monday scene reading is on hold till they get funding, and maybe City Lights Tuesday night for the local playwright works, at least one person I know is in that. After I finish this I'll highlight my lines in the new script copy and do some memorizing.

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