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Carrying a Torch

I'm appalled by the protests around the Olympic torch. The Olympics is supposed to be a politics-free zone, where amateur athletes from around the world train for years for the opportunity to compete without borders.

Yes, China has done some rude things, but the Olympic torch run is not the place to protest. The time and place to protest has long since passed - if you had objections to China hosting the Olympics, you should have mobbed the Olympics committee when they were in the process of choosing a site. Protesting now does nothing, except throw dirt on innocent people who have waited a lifetime for the honor of carrying the torch.

The Olympics will bring people from all over the world to China who would never have gone there otherwise. Those people will influence the Chinese people and government more than any piddling overseas protests, just by being there, looking different, holding China up to higher standards in person.

If you can afford to, go to China for the Olympics. Protest by eating at McDonalds and Pizza Hut and KFC. Have a latte at Starbucks. Get an ISP connection and blog about the injustices from their point of origin.


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