Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Phantom Vibrator and Other Tails

I wore my first cell phone in a holder clipped to my belt justa little to the left of my left front pocket. On those rare times when I'm not wearing 5-pocket jeans, I'll return to that fashion statement. Most of the time, though, I keep it in my jeans' 5th pocket, the one sewn into the right front pocket.

So why is it that I keep imagining feeling a phone-like vibration on my left hip, where my phone usually isn't?

Long day at work, mostly reading. Looking for fixed test cases to close. Waded through a couple of dozen which were tagged for other testers to fix. Finally found one, which took some setting up to verify, and it wasn't fixed after all. Same steps showed the same issue, 29 builds later. Was going to wade some more when co-worker and boss both asked me for help with some HR paperwork everyone is having trouble with. Boss needed to confirm that something in the process was broken (it is) and co-worker needed the new form translated into humanspeak from HRspeak.

Tibet has a pretty flag. It has some spectacularly stark scenery. And that's about all the good I can say about that non-country, steeped in a backward culture which venerates shiny objects and tinkling bells. They were invaded and taken over by China before I was born. The Dali Lama has spent more of his life in Arizona than in Tibet. The CIA World Factbook doesn't even have a listing for Tibet, it hasn't been a recognized nation for decades. It's listed as a section of China. Do you think Israel deserves to be a nation? Well, the Jews fought a war to establish that country just one year before China fought a war to annex Tibet. If we're going to kick China out of Tibet next year, we ought to kick the Jews out of Palestine this year. While we're at it, let's give the USA back to the native Americans.

Reviewed my La Mancha lines last night, will do so again tonight. I own the first 10 minutes of the show. Am making archive copies of all my old musicals CDs, will give them to the parental units to keep safe for me. At lunchtime I went to Rasputin's and picked up a copy of Oklahoma!. I had the new version, but needed the original - settled for the movie soundtrack, may buy the recently re-released OBC when I get back from Seattle

Heading for dinner, then City Lights for the local plays night. .


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