Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weak End Update

Had dinner Friday night at Red Lolbster in North Kitsap Mall. Remind me never to have grilled cholesterol from them again (steamed is the only way to make lobster & scallops). The hostess said if the sun keeps coming out like it has been, she might have to go back on her meds. North Kitsap is th edge of the Olympic Peninsula rain forest, you see.

Got to sister's house around 8, chatted with brother in law until sister got home from her trip to Santa Barbara. Saturday morning we drove out to a farm about 40 minutes away and I watched & took pictures of sister's riding lessons. Lots of photos will be on flickr after I get home. The farm has a bunch of peacocks and chickens along with the horses. It's a very rural place, not one of those prefab farms, and I really enjoyed being there. This was my second time - the owner is picky about visitors, especially visitors with cameras. I can see why - there's a fine line between rustic and run-down.

The sun was out big time, it got up to 75 degrees, and I have a sunburn on the top of my head and my arms. I love the irony of going to the rain forest for a sunburn.

After the riding lesson we went back to the house for a snack (it was about 3 pm) and then over to The Ridge Property. Sister & hubby are building a new house on 40 acres of forest. Last time I was there was 2 years ago, and they were just starting to clear the brambles. Now there's a work shed 90% done and all the land they are building on is cleared. They think they are a year away from moving into the property. As with the last house they built (which they sold last year) they will live in a section of the house designed to be rented out later, while they finish the big house. Brother-in-law and his twin are doing most of the construction work, mostly by hand. Gives them something to do.

Sister had one more box of photos which she had saved from the house before we knew I would be here before the move. We stopped off at Office Max to get a bigger box, tape and bubble wrap.

After boxing that up, I took off, caught the 8 o'clock ferry to Seattle, visited my favorite night club fr an hour then drove to a place not far from the airport which has a couple of motels and gas stations and ATMs, and checked into a Days Inn. As soon as I finish this I'll drop the box off at the PS store and visit my favorite massage place in Renton. I have till 7 pm to return the car and catch my plane, so I think I'll go to the Seattle Center and see Paul Allen's museum.  


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