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“Well it's 8:45. I've just boarded the plane. We should have taken off 10 minutes ago they, whatever flight we were be continuance of or the shuttle of pirotly(?) ___ arrived late 20 minutes late Alaska didn't even bother to make any announcements. They made an announcement that there was a gate change but by the time I had checked in, the gate had not changed. So anyway chuck it up to bad communications again on the part of an airline. It's been a fairly calm boring evening for me. That's the way I had planned and kinda spent most of my time on the computer, at Starbucks and reading some at Starbucks and some at the terminal and we had a little bit of a, might be a 10 min delay at the security gate cos there was some security emergency and they had closed all the Sieri(?) check points but they did, I was about the 4th person om line when they shot them down. I arrived just as they had shut them down I guess. So it wasn't too long a wait. I think all together to might have been 20 mins after the first people that got sacked. I was ok I had more than an hr to spare when I got to the gate which was again part of the plan. Anyway hopefully to I will get them to say I'm gonna say good night at home by 1:00 or so and I will see you all online same time Monday.”

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