Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How Do They Do It?

Some of my friends post three or four words. Why bother? OTOH how can they not expound?

Good day at the theater, a lot got done. Got my T-shirt, picked up some postcard flyers, had a head shot taken, tried on my costume, posed for a couple of publicity photos, got to know some of the cast a little better, had a music rehearsal (which I recorded some of on my cell phone, but the clipping was too severe to post). The woman playing the niece went "on point" and I thought she was going to orgasm during the all-men harmonized ending to "Golden Helmet". It sounded good, but that good? She's cute, though, and has a pretty voice herself.

The four boxes of photos I shipped to myself from Seattle on Friday were in the apartment when I got home, badly battered and at least two of them partially split. Thanks, UPS. At least they were lucky and found my apartment manager in so he could open the door for them. One more box is due tomorrow.

Sister called from the parents' new apartment, she needed my numbers for the emergency contact form. The transition service got there late and it looks like they will be a day late finishing the move. Somewhat annoying, but my folks aren't in that big a hurry.

Read the latest BASFA minutes. How can you not have a party jar? I have rehearsals every Monday for the next month, and hope the ridiculous situation is resolved by then.


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