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Currying flavor

Major kitchen production last night, made the green curry beef and yellow curry chicken. The chicken came out amazingly tender, but I had to add more curry paste to the coconut milk sauce when I bagged it for freezing. Wishing I had thought to get lemon grass or bamboo shoots for the beef. Funny, I never liked lemon grass because in Thailand they leave in the non-edible part. I hate picking wood out of my curry. Or maybe that wasn't lemon grass. I'll have to ask Nancie.

Which reminds me, if you are a Thai food fan, and like cookbooks which tell a lot about where the recipe comes from, the very best books ever are Nancie McDermott's Real Thai series. Nancie was in my Peace Corps group, we sat next to each other on the plane to Thailand.

Real Thai
Real Vegetarian Thai
Quick & Easy Thai
The Curry Book

Good thing I have a dishwasher. The sink is full!

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