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Flies Time

Work was taken up with research today. I needed to round up five machines from my co-workers (well four, plus mine) for a project Friday where several team members need to run tests against a cluster of 11 machines. The machines all have to be configured to match, so I had to see what cards were in what slots and so some before/after documentation and get buy-in from the affected team members.

And what should have been a simple bug fix confirmation turned into a major IEEE specs vs. Device specs question. It required a lot of web searches and re-learning some technology I knew thoroughly 20 years ago. The good news is it looks like it will be a small cosmetic change to the GUI plus a small change to a couple of docs. But it took a lot of time to figure out.

In the background I'm making a DVD of the Canada on Strike South Park episode for one of my co-workers. He knows "Blame Canada" but wasn't aware of the recent follow-up episode.

Rehearsals went well tonight, we blocked some of my Innkeeper scenes, and finally got to sing the final bars of Knight of the Woeful Countenance with Sancho and Aldonza doing the harmony. The vocal director (who is also Sancho) says the chord is an "open 10th". I know what a 5th is, maybe this is two bottles of harmony. The woman playing Aldonza has a spectacular voice, the first person in years who can sing louder than me without trying hard.

We don't really have enough Muleteers, but the ones we have are excellent. I got to see some of the fight choreography, and it looks real good. Safe, but effective.

Momentary embarrassment - I have a single line after Dulcinea which I had completely forgotten about, and missed highlighting in the script. Blank stare when the director tried to give me blocking.

Next rehearsal is Monday.

Final box from Seattle was on the rack on my patio when I got home, mostly intact. I need to buy a book case for all this stuff. Not sure if I will put it in the mostly unused dining room or in the hallway by the downstairs half bathroom. It needs to hold about 200 78's and LPs, as well as thousands of photos - some loose, some in their envelopes with the negatives, some in frames, some in albums. Eventually I want to scan the older stuff.

Tomorrow: work, laundry, maybe a stop at Ikea.

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