Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy day, more to come

Got almost everything in today's to-do list done. Dropped a package at the PO, hit the ATM, went to Saratoga to help in the set shop, but could not find the address they gave me. The map they provided didn't help either. So, after half an hour of trolling the block, I drove back to MV, made a nails appointment, bought cat food, looked for (but did not find) an apron at BB&B, had my nails done, went shopping at Costco (but they had no bananas  -- fooey!) home to put stuff away and have a snack, then to Walmart for a shelving unit and plastic drawers on wheels. Found aprons and carpet runners too. Stopped at Starbucks on the way home to charge up the laptop and update the virus software and rant on LJ.

I think my hair is now long enough to use one of those little round bands on.

Also dropped off at the PO was my application to direct a show for Santa Clara Players. I'm asking to do Alan Aykbourne's Table Manners because I ran lights/sound for it for Bangkok Community Theatre back in the 70's and it's the kind of comedy I enjoy. Having been in on a Britt production, I think I get it more than most Americans would. It's their last show of next season, so it would be in rehearsals about a year from now.

The other two shows they chose are also comedies, odd because their subscribers expect a mystery each year. I have not heard of the other tw shows, the synopses did not look very promising, but one never knows.

Time to get home, set up the shelving, unpack the five boxes and place the contents on the shelves and maybe have dinner somewhere in there.


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