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Quiet day. Finished the shopping which didn't get done yesterday, got new T-shirt transfers because the ones I had were sans instructions and I could not remember which side went up in the printer. Also, they were 10 years old, probably no good anymore. Also picked up a nice small vacuum cleaner, exactly what I have been looking for - light weight, non-wide (I need to get into spaces <15"), has a bag (much of my vacuuming involves cat barf, which is nasty to clean out of a bag-less vacuum) and reasonably priced ($60). It's also bright yellow, which appeals to me somehow.

Bought bananas & other fruit at Piazza's, and some Scharffen-Berger which was on sale for $2 off the 3-oz 82%, my fave.

Ate at the Green Elephant Burmese/Chinese place next door. I have been meaning to go there for ages. Excellent food, great service, lots of other diners there. Pricey, though. $1.75 for soft drinks in a 25-cent can. $11 for beef curry which was just cubes of brisket and a few tiny slices of potato in an unidentifiable sauce - definitely not a curry. Tasted great, and was enough for two people. $6 for what looked like three half-sized moo-shoo pancakes with a mild dipping sauce. The menu is 9/10 Chinese food, only a handful of Burma dishes. I think it's better as a dinner place, with a small group.

Home, printed the T-shirt transfer I'd designed last night and applied it to the apron. It came out great. I'll give it to my "wife" at rehearsals tomorrow night, she'll laugh.

Off to meet  friend for coffee. She's just back from a cruise down the Nile, should be fun.

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