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Obligatory CC26 Post

I'll be there Friday night and all of Saturday, maybe Sunday until late afternoon (I have a rehearsal at 6 or so). Sorry to have to miss the chocolate tour, but I have to work Thursday, and then there are rehearsals.

I will be taking pictures for my own enjoyment and if Drink Tank and/or SFSF wants any they are welcome to them as news photos. There are several fine photographers who will be taking official archival-quality pictures for the con, including didjiman and jadecat9 but their pix will be somewhat encumbered by legalities, where mine are covered under Fair Use as long as they are strictly for journalistic purposes. I'm somewhat disappointed that I couldn't be part of the official photo corps, but I was invited, and my decision to go solo was based mostly on not wanting to hassle with paperwork and "don't shoot me" buttons/ribbons/sandwich boards.

kproche and bovil have worked their butts off to make CC26 a success, and the amount of planning which has gone into the con by all the staff is amazing. I'm looking forward to it.

Tangentially, I have half of my BayCon art show photos mounted, the 11x14's. The 8x12's I'm not happy with the frames and have better ones en route. I am hoping I will snap a couple of pix at CC26 which people will give me permission to enter in the show. There are two photos I had wanted to use which I have not been able to contact the subjects for permission, so there is space on  the wall for two more. 



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