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It was maybe the second time in my life I drove off having forgotten I'd left something on the roof of the car. I can remember the act of juggling my reading glasses, a pen, an insulin syringe holder, my script, the La Mancha music score and my "PDA", putting the latter on the roof of the car while transferring the other items to the back seat and the inside pocket of my jacket. I was wearing a T-shirt (usually the PDA - which is really a pocket-sized memo pad with important numbers and such rubber cemented into it - resides in my shirt pocket), which means it was Saturday or Sunday. Probably Saturday, probably the parking lot by farmount's branch of PetSmart where I'd stopped for cat food, and then had my nails done at the place across the lot. Bottom line is the notepad had a page of passwords for various email and financial accounts, and I have no idea where it is now.

So last night I pulled out my backup copy and logged into all the accounts listed there and changed the passwords. Maybe half of the passwords were listed on the notepad without enough other information to know what login they belonged to, but I changed those anyway. I had been using combinations of my initials and my favorite numbers, but now they are all variations on a key word which is special to me but is just another word in the dictionary to the rest of you. Unless you happen to be my high school girlfriend, in which case all I have to say, Lois, is: Had I known then what I know now, I'd have answered entirely differently when you called to ask if there was any reason I could think of that your period was late.


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