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Just before Mom & Dad moved, Earthlink, which they use for their Internet connection (yes, dial-up) managed to nuke the passwords for my account. Half an hour on the phone with a woman in India managed to change the account's password to "welcome", which got Dad online, but I forgot to try his Eudora, and he forgot to tell me till after I'd left that he had been unable to get email since the 9th.

They had nuked his email password too - it's an address managed by my account.

Last night I logged in and changed my email password and his to their appropriate cryptic strong passwords.

This morning he was unable to get online. Even though Eartlink's web site clearly states that I was only changing the email password, and not the dial-in password, it changed the dial-in password. Fine with me, because (a) I want my email and dial-in passwords to be the same and (b) my password is a lot harder to crack than "welcome".

So this morning I walked dad through changing the dial-in password, and we fired up Eudora, and it worked.

Last night I'd logged into his email account and nuked more than 500 pieces of spam. But my parents are subscription junkies (mom gets onto recipe, nutrition, travel and diabetes mailing lists and Dad has brokerage reports from maybe 12 reputable sites. Bottom line: 447 message from 4/9 to 4/23. By dial-up. Less than a dozen are from friends & family.

Baby sister called to thank me for the state quarters proof set. I've been sending them to her since the first set, it started out as a birthday present but over time the Mint has gotten more efficient and they come out almost two months earlier. I also sent the box to hold the collection - all 10 years have been completed, all 50 states have quarters.

The next program is Presidential dollars, four a year, which started last year. I will not be buying those. They also have politically correctly for 2008 changed the First Lady coin program name to First Spouses. Those also started last year, and are $10 half-ounce gold piece replicas, but sell for about $600 each (each coin, not each set!). A little out of my price range. Which also describes First Ladies, come to think of it.

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