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Rehearsal in the Nursery

Very productive rehearsal tonight, but we stopped just before a section which I have not been blocked into yet. It's two lines, BFD.  We are using a space way down in the southernmost reaches of San Jose, it's a 45-minute drive from work, mostly because there is no way around the rush hour traffic. Nice big space which looks like it was built to be a basketball court but is now the nursery school for a Lutheran church. They put textured, possibly rubberized carpet over a cement floor, and painted the basketball court lines on top of that. There are large, very low round tables and lots of little chairs which I don't think I would have fit into beyond kindergarten. But it also has a full catering kitchen and lots of folding chairs and tables in the back closet, it's surely used for banquets and such. Maybe wedding receptions too.

Good rehearsal, with all but one cast member. He was missed - he doesn't have a lot of lines but the ones ha has are important. And he's a fine pro-quality actor as well. Some of my entrances and exits were changed, but that's what this partial run-through was for.

Productive end of the day at work, too. Found three bugs just killing time waiting for tomorrow - when we're due to start the final round of tests before product release.

CC26 tomorrow after work. It looks like the only event in the evening is the Victorian Underwear Party. Sounds like a photo op. Room parties afterward, I guess. I should be able to spend all Saturday and Sunday till about 5. If you see me with my face stuck in a black notebook, I'm studying lines. We need to be off-book by the 29th, I think.
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