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Picked up my badge for CC26 at lunchtime. If kproche or bovil are listening in, I love love love the big banners hanging over the various sign-up tables saying what they are, but hate hate hate that there are no signs at all at the main reg desk telling folks where to line up for pre-reg. I waited in line for 10 minutes in front of what appeared to be a person with a box of pre-printed badges, behind several people who either already had badges or needed to fill out a form and pay for membership. Also, the forms were on the registration table - better to have them on a separate table where they can be filled out before getting in line. Anyway, time to print more signs, and maybe break out some of those velvet ropes to steer people to the right line.

Saw lots more people in costumes than I expected for Friday lunchtime. Saw didjiman setting up in front of what looked like a chromakey background, johno passed by with what was either a steampunk light sabre or a pole for something photographic, and a duffel-like bag big enough to hold several severed heads. Saw [evil] Kevin by the competition sign-in desk, but he looked pretty busy, and I was on my lunch hour, so...

Was not charged anything for parking since I was only there for 20 minutes.

Will pop by after work for the evening social, and see if there are any room parties. I'll have my camera, and will probably be wearing the "THIS IS MY COSTUME" orange T-shirt. Tomorrow I'll wear a costume of some sort. Maybe scrubs with my Dr. Howeird: Terminal Caseworker lab coat, or my half-vast pirate outfit with cowboy boots.

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