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CC26 Day 2

I'm impressed. Lots of good panels & workshops, well-attended, world class hall costumes, beautiful exhibit of master works in the Garden of Good and Evil. Friendly groups in the con suite,  though the fare was kind of skimpy until after masq when it was sponsored by another CC (27?).

Masq started way late. Doors did not open until 5 minutes after the announced showtime, and there was a lot of padding for time on the part of chairman kproche and MC johnnyeponymous. There were a lot of missed cues by the DJs, a couple missed by the MC, but for the most part the show ran smoothly, with all the contestants staying within the time limit (it was about 60 seconds, I think). The effect of this was negated severely by pausing for the videographer to change tapes. WTF? Rent a second camera, people. And it shouldn't take more than 20 seconds to change a tape. Jeeze.

I'm very sleepy. More later. Photos are here.

lady_leandra Goes Modern

johnnyeponymous - the T-shirt says it all

1920's Theater Makeup Demo

Raven demonstrates a high altitude helmet during space suit builder's panel

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