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Post-party depression

A bunch of my LJ friends who worked their buns off for Costume Con are crashing. It's not funny, and I am wishing all of you a quick recovery and return to feeling human, but it reminds me of a hardware geek joke. In early CPUs there was a pin which was labeled HACF. Urban legend said this stood for "Halt And Catch Fire".

Last night's rehearsal was a bit disjointed, all of us were forgetting lines we knew the night before. The original plan was a run-through, but at half-time the director changed gears, and sent me and my "wife" home and concentrated on working the ensemble scenes. I really wanted to do my Big Scene & solo, but I'd have made the same decision - the ensemble needs as much time together as they can get, at this point in the schedule.

No rehearsal tonight, we're in the theater tomorrow night, and for most of the rest of the run.

Getting home early gave me time to send a nastygram to Qwest about the horrid customer service rep I dealt with yesterday trying to get my parents' phone back on line. This morning they sent me this:

Dear Howard,

Thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to Qwest in regards to the poor
customer service experience you recently encountered. I apologize for
any frustration or inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you for notifying us about the unsatisfactory customer service
experience that you recently encountered. Please accept our apologies
for not meeting your expectations. Your valuable feedback has been
forwarded to both the individual employee and their immediate supervisor
for review and developmental training purposes.

In addition, thank you for taking the time to compliment two of our
employees for their extraordinary service. I have forwarded a copy of
your e-mail to the individual employees and their immediate supervisors
for review. We would appreciate if you would share this information with
your family and friends to let them know what a good experience you had
with Qwest.

Thank you for choosing Qwest. Have a great day!


eService Supervisor
Qwest Customer Care
Consumer Markets

I think that's an outstanding response.

Annual ophthalmologist appointment in 2 hours. Will leave for lunch at 1, then go to Kaiser and get my eyes dilated. Then will don those funky paper-framed dark glasses, drive home and sit in the dark in between rounds of laundry. When i can read again I'll do some shopping.


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