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As in the late Dent, Arthur Dent

We had a Transfer of Information meeting at work which ate half the day (but was well worth it - I learned things about the product I've been testing for the last couple of months which were major "aha!" moments) and then ate up the other half and then some trying to configure a machine I'm only vaguely familiar with (I'll ask for help tomorrow) and only getting it 3/49th right. This is the ad insertion machine, program it to point at any number (in this case 49) of IPTV/cable TV channels and it will send ads to those channels. Our box makes it possible for this server to interrupt your national TV station with local used car salesmen. Anyway, I never got any ads to play, but I did manage to have our machine tell me that only 3 of the 49 channels I'd configured were even being recognized by the server.

At the stroke of 7 pm I got into the car and headed to Saratoga, was about 5 minutes early for rehearsals which started 40 minutes late and ran till about 10:30. Good rehearsal. I pretty much know my lines, but still am shaky about entrances.  The director gave me some good notes after the run-through, and the funny thing is most of them were notes I got from the director the last time I played this role.

I'm kind of bummed at the lack of eye candy in this production. Last time I was spoiled, our belly dancer was a 3-time Miss California finalist, the two women in the horse & burro headgear were ballerinas with amazing legs, and our Antonia (who tried out for this show too) is a stunning redhead who could be the mother of my babies any time she wanted to be. Unfortunately for me, she was - and still is - shacked up with another theater friend.

Don't get me wrong, all the women this cast are very sweet and fun and talented, they're just not beauty queens. Oh well, you can't have everything - where would you put it?

Speaking of which, while sitting in the theater waiting for the stage to be ready, there was a long, narrow box lying across a couple of seats. And into my warped little brain popped the idea:

Bright sunlight
+ open, empty coffin
+ the shadow of a bat flying away
Think outside the box

No rehearsals till Sunday night. My bank says my bonus has been received, along with my regular paycheck, and will be official tomorrow. I think it's time for a massage, and maybe a trip into the City.

The producer would like us to show up at the theater Saturday and help finish the set, but it will be a lot safer for everyone if I'm not allowed near power tools. Or any tools, for that matter.
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