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Chores and Flakes

Cleaned up the computer room, hauled way too much garbage out to the dumpster, still have a 5:1 PC speaker set and two DVD drives sitting by the file cabinet which could use a home. Let me know if you could use them. Received three posters made by Qoop from my favorite Poulsbo trip photos, and put them in poster frames. They will replace the three in my office, one of which may end up at Baycon art show, if there's room on the panel.

Went to have my nails done, but my manicurist was busy. Hung around Starbucks (I needed to re-charge and update virus software on the laptop anyway) for half an hour and got back just as she was ready for me.

Home, lunch, phoned for a massage appointment. She's busy, call back in an hour. Called back in an hour, she's booked for the day. Called my #2 choice, she said meet her at her office at 5:30, I get there, it's locked, and her phone isn't taking messages. She calls me back at 5:45, says she's around the corner and will be there in 2-3 minutes & gives me her cell phone number. I phone her back at 6, but the line is busy. So I leave, and drive to my final possible place, not sure it is still in business (there's a different name on the door) but I'm in luck, they are open and my favorite therapist, who is now the owner (hence the name change), says she'll give the massage, and puts her #2 in charge of the office.

Home by way of grocery shopping, made dinner. I thought the freezer bag I'd popped into the microwave was baked trout I'd made a couple of months ago, but it turned out to be curried chicken from the Jurassic. I always wondered why they put those little writable strips on the freezer bags. :-)

Looks like I'm flaking too - was going to write a couple of snippets for sfinsf about CC26 panels I went to, but if I start now I'll never get to sleep.

Tomorrow: Ironman at Shoreline 12:05 digital version with Janice. I will have a package of chocolate covered halvah in a cooler for her after the show. Probably will chat for an hour after. Rehearsals at 6:30 will probably run till 10:30-11. Somewhere in there I need to call Mom & Dad, and write those snippets.  Won't have time Mon-Tues because I'm in class all day and rehearsals after.

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