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A Good Day

Managed to crank out two articles for SFinSF and one for Drink Tank, and got a surprise invitation in Facebook to "friend" the charming woman who gave the talk about "props on a plane" at CC26. I think it was a case of mistaken identity, but I'll take it. Coincidentally, it was her talk which one of the SFSF articles was about. I was puzzled when I saw her in front of the room, because the last couple of con panels the person with her resume was blonde and kind of chunky. The person doing this panel is brunette and svelte and looked taller. Turns out it is the same person. Quite an impressive transformation.

Met Janice and saw Ironman in digital projection. It looked very good in that format. Very sharp, HD-like image. I didn't like the movie very much. Poorly written - the plot jumped all over the place, and there were few clever lines. Downey, Jr. mumbled a lot. And he just isn't intelligent enough to carry off the Boy Genius thing, for me. I'm comparing him to Matt Damon, who pulled it off in Goodwill Hunting. There are some killer special effects - literally - and they way over-used one particular plot device (which I won't specify 'cause it's a major spoiler). Gwyneth Paltrow is adorable, reminded me of Sissy Spacek, but was required to do absolutely no acting - the script's fault, not hers. Terrence Howard as Downey's sort of best friend didn't seem to know if he was the genius' best friend, or just some schmuck in the military who bought munitions from him. Blame the script for most of that. I did enjoy the evolution of the Iron Man suit, and the first couple of times his field testing lands him on his butt. However, as a running gag it was too much - Three Stooges Does Ironman. The easter egg after the credits was just barely worth waiting the extra 10 minutes for. It was foreshadowed at least three times during the film. Worth matinée to see on the big screen. Worth DVD if you have a big screen at home.

Afterward we went to a fairly new Italian place in the strip mall across from CHM. Over-priced. Lasagna was okay, but not worth $10 for the modest portion. Lovely ambiance, though. And they had no problem with us chatting for two hours - they are not in danger any time soon of customers filling the place.

Back home, wrapped up the last two articles, read some LJ, topped off the cats' food, and went to Saratoga for rehearsals, got there shortly before 6:30. I guess I missed the announcement that we weren't starting the run-through till 7:30. Originally this was scheduled as an all-day cue-to-cue for the lighting guy. The director saved us from that, doing the light cues in the afternoon before we got there. There were a couple of cues which needed bodies to finalize, but all that got done. We ran the show with lights, and it was interesting. Some missed cues, which is to be expected, but from onstage it was hard to tell exactly what the lighting design was, and IMHO there are three times as many light cues as we need. Some of the instruments are brand spanking new, and very fancy - it looks like some have internal irises or barn doors which make a loud "thwack" when they close down. Very shiny, though.

I think we're about where we ought to be for 13 days from opening - except we should have had at least one rehearsal with the orchestra by now. We get that Thursday. The conductor was our emergency holographic accompanist tonight, and I have to say she is the best accompanist we've had so far, except for the vocal director who is at a whole 'nother level. And we shortened the too-long intro to my solo, which feels a lot better. I still don't nail the first note like I should.

Smoked turkey drumstick with corn on the cob for dinner.

Tomorrow - in class all day, learning about an ad server, then rehearsals. Same plan for Tuesday. 

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