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Went to bed almost as soon as I got home last night - two 2 am late nights in a row zapped me pretty good.** Rehearsals went well, the guitar I brought worked nicely and just needed the branding covered up. It was good to hear it played by someone who knows how. Once again I was way off on the first note of my solo, I'm just not getting the intro I'm expecting - tomorrow we get to run the music with the orchestra for the first time, hopefully that will help.

Here's the deal. I have just sung a low A monotone drone, followed by a couple of lines of dialog from Don Quixote. Knight of the Woeful Countenance starts with an intro of 2 bars of 4/4 with one instrument playing a low A drone (tied whole notes) and a snare drum giving me a cadence in a Spanish syncopated version of 6/8. My starting note is not an A. It is not even in the same chord with an A. It's about 2/3 of an octave above the A. If I had perfect pitch I'd be fine, but the only way to learn this is to practice with the actual intro that I'll get from the orchestra. Listening to the Broadway album, he doesn't nail the note either.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. I am singing a capella for the next 4 bars, then one instrument (an oboe or bassoon) comes in in the key I'm supposed to be in, playing something that sounds like a horse on a pogo stick. In 4 more bars I finally get the orchestra playing something I can match keys with, but by that time it's too late - it really sounds bad when they come in in a different key.

Last night the pianist tried to help me out by playing my notes during the 2nd or 3rd bar, but it didn't work - I wasn't expecting it, and was trying to remember the words, and the director's notes from Sunday, and I was so far off key it took a while to make the correction. I sounded horrible.

Other than that, things went well. There are a couple of entrances and one exit which I fudged, but not enough for the audience to notice. And I forgot to bring on a prop, which I could blame on the fact that the prop hasn't been located yet by the propsmistress, but even if it had been available I still I would have forgotten it. It's a bota bag, and I think maybe it ought to be something I have on me all the time. It would fit my Governor character, but I'm not sure about the Innkeeper.

After the rehearsal we had to strike the set, which was a massive undertaking. I am not looking forward to doing this every week. Personally, I think it would be perfectly reasonable for the city council to hold their weekly meetings in what looks like a 1400's Spanish prison. And it would be excellent PR for the play.

**What happens is when I get home from rehearsals, my biological clock sets itself back to dinner time, and I do my normal dinner/computer routine. Except it's 3 hours later. Makes for very late nights.


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