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Man of La Mancha Opens in 10 Days

Edie Kerr as the Innkeepers Wife, Greg Goebel as the
Captain of the Inquisition, and Howard Stateman as the Innkeeper

Man of La Mancha opens May 17 in Saratoga

As some of you know, for the last two months I’ve been spending most week nights and Sunday evenings rehearsing with the Saratoga Drama Group for a leading role in their production of the Broadway hit musical Man of La Mancha. It is shaping up to be a fine show, and I’d love to see my friends there.

It’s a play within a play, the story takes place in Spain in the 1400’s, Miguel Cervantes is put in prison by the Inquisition, and entertains his fellow prisoners by performing, with their help, the story of his mad knight, Don Quixote. I play the man the prisoners call The Governor, who becomes the Innkeeper in Cervantes’ story.

The show is a mix of drama and comedy, with lots of beautiful music, including The Impossible Dream. I have a solo song and am in part of the chorus for two others. Due to one particularly violent scene I would not recommend it for children under 12.

Opening night on Saturday, May 17 includes a champagne reception, and tickets are $28. Other nights tickets are $25 ($2 off for thiose over 65) except for the one Thursday performance, which is $18. Here are the dates for the rest of the run:

Thursday 8 pm

Friday 8 pm

Saturday 8 pm

Sunday 2:30 pm

May 18

May 23

May 24

May 25

May 30

May 31

June 1

June 5

June 6

June 7

Saratoga Civiv Theater is part of Saratoga's civic center (next to City Hall, across from the post office) at 13777 Fruitvale Avenue
Saratoga, CA. 95070

To order by phone, call (408) 266-4734 or online at www.saratogadramagroup.com


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