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Rehearsal tonight was the obligatory "sit and sing" sometimes referred in theater circles by it's German name, Sitzprobe, which always makes me think of Eric Cartman's alien anal probe.

Since I don't sing till 2/3 of the way through the show, and only sing one song and two short chorus bits, it was real boring. And painful at the start. The trumpets were so bad I had to go outside and down the block to prevent spontaneous nuclear self-detonation. The orchestra had not warmed up or tuned up before the rehearsal. After they were warmed up, the trumpets were better, but they never got good. The French horns, all three of them, are to die for. Trombones were good, but they were both playing bass trombones, which is weird. Two oboes and a bassoon were excellent, I couldn't hear the clarinet or piccolo even when I was standing right next to them. Guitar also needed more volume, and more practice. I know this guy, he's really good, it'll be fine by next week. The music is very difficult and guitar has way too much of the burden in Man of La Mancha's  community theater arrangement. Our vocal director/costumer/Sancho played tympani, which I thought was not a good idea, since he doesn't have all his songs down pat yet and we needed his voice more than we needed tympani. There was no drum set, which I need desperately for my solo. I almost asked them to skip my number. Should have, it sucked.

Miraculous fill-in conductor - our regular conductor had a family tragedy, and needed to fly to New Jersey - a tragedy in itself. The replacement person showed how music is a universal language - she's fluent. The only difficulties she had were from the Tams Whitmark score's mistakes and poorly (and sometimes misplaced) actors' cues.

Off till Sunday evening's dress rehearsal.

Obligatory critic's note: I started playing trumpet in 3rd grade, moved to Baritone Horn in high school and added French Horn in college. I play all the brass instruments which have valves, plus bugle.
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