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Theres a copy of Vista Home Premium upgrade edition on my patio. I'll install it tomorrow. I'll be installing the 32-bit version, even though I have a quad core 64-bit CPU, there's nothing out there which takes advantage of the extra oomph. After a year of Vista 64, this is a real shame.

Turns out the reason I couldn't find an ATI All-in-Wonder card at Fry's is they don't make them anymore. AMD (which bought ATI a while ago) has decided the discrete capture board is their marketing strategy, probably because nVidia has never pushed an all-in-one display+capture card. PNY made one from a GeForce7500, but it's not on the market anymore that I can see. So I have on order an ATI TV Wonder card and an ATI display card, which will go into the machine when I get them in a week or so. Both cards support HD, which the All-in-Wonder doesn't.

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