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Semagic is now working. Like magic. All I did was reboot after disabling IE's debug widget. Which I suppose was what was making it hang.

To answer iamradar's post to the previous message, both devices which caused BSOD (wireless card & modem) are Vista-compatible, and worked when I first built the machine with Vista64. Too many things didn't work with Vista64, and several people on LJ and at Microsoft pointed out that there are almost no 64-bit programs, so I nuked Vista and clean-installed XP Pro.

When Vista SP1 was released, I bought the upgrade version (I didn't want to mess with a clean install and days of re-installing all my programs). Both the modem and the wireless card are working fine now, using the same drivers which caused the BSOD! The drivers just needed to be removed and re-installed, because Vista's upgrade app is broken.

Pisses me off, because as you said, it's a very short list of cards they support, they could easily have done some QA testing on the upgrade process.

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