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There are a pair of identical twins in the La Mancha cast. I did not know they were twins until a couple of days into rehearsals - they look more like sisters, I would have guessed a year apart. The first impression came from them being a dress size or two apart. But, as Yogi Bear says, "You can observe a lot just by watching", and my character in the play calls for me watching all the other characters a lot. The more I watch, the wider the separation has become. One appears more mature, more serious. The other is more energetic, sparky, adventurous. I'm always looking at people through my virtual camera lens, and the "younger" one keeps catching my eye with half a dozen photogenic looks, the "older" one not so much. They are both good people to have around, and in the show they play similar roles. They are obviously very close to reach other, but they are very different people, not trying to be clones of each other. I like that.

Back in the 70's, I used to folkdance at Reed College, and there were twins in that group, Katy and Hillary, who didn't even look like sisters, let alone identical twins. Both lovely people and talented dancers, but while I had a total crush on Hillary, Katy never attracted me that way. After I'd known them a while, they told me Katy had been in a near-fatal car accident, and the reconstructive surgery and trauma, and being out of circulation for a chunk of her school years had differentiated what had been clone-like twins.

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