Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

CC26 Photo Madness

I am sure glad I went indy on CC26 photography. I have all my photos, and they are all online on my web page and flickr. Several are in the current Drink Tank and I expect more may be in the next SFSF. So much good work was done by the CC26 staff to line up photographers, photo shoots and locations, but finding a viable hosting site for 20,000 images did not happen. There are a couple of sites, but they are not geared for the kind of massive uploads required. A pity.

Making a little detour on the way to work. Someone I set up a web site for is in town at her storage facility (which is only a few blocks from my apartment) and needs help recycling her three old PCs. I'll frag the hard drives and then bring them down to the recycling center, Saturday if I'm lucky. And she needs a hug, too.

Work has gone into high gear with our final phase testing, so I won't be able to duck out early any more. Rehearsal/show call time is a ridiculous 6:30 - 90 minutes before curtain. I've told the stage manager to expect me at 7. It only takes 10 minutes to get into costume and makeup for this show, there's no piano so no formal vocal warm-ups (I don't sing for the first hour so it would be a waste for me anyway). The set needs to be put back up but the part I'm needed for usually happens around 7.

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