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Yesterday morning I met Lynn at her storage unit which is 3 minutes from my apartment. She's moved to VA, and had some computers to be recycled. Lynn is a total nut job, but has a heart of gold, and this was a small thing for me to do for her, but a big thing to her. They look usable - an HP Pavilion tower, an emachines mini tower and a Brand X mid tower. And one MS Keyboard & mouse. I should have time next week to fire them up and see what needs to be done to make them safe to recycle.

Since it was 100° at lunchtime yesterday, I went to Sizzler.

My Garmin GPS now speaks Thai. They just added that language to the uploads. The volume is 2/3 of the English, and it doesn't try to pronounce the street names. It's a typical Thai young woman's voice, and there was only one word I didn't understand - until I figured out they had programmed the word for "more" to stretch out too long. Thai has long and short vowels, and the word for "more" or "additional" is "eek". She pronounces it "eeeeeeek".

The two ATI cards were on the patio rack when I came home last night. a 1GB PCIEx16 display adapter and a PCIE(small) Vista-certified HD/SD capture card, both by Visiontek. AMD has gone the way of nVidia, selling the chipsets to OEMs, who make functional boards featuring the chipset. They are getting out of the board mfg business, it seems. Will install these tomorrow.

One of our engineers from Russia is back in St. Petersburg for the week. She says it is snowing, and hopes it is warmer here. Right.

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