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Satyrday so far

But first, last night. Final dress/preview "cheap bastards night" had about 100 people in the audience, about 1/3 of a house. Well above critical mass for us to get the hang of having an audience. They absolutely loved it. The cheer Don Q and Sancho got at the end of the first song literally pushed me back in my chair. It wasn't just loud applause, it was cheers, shouts, whistles too. Effing amazing.

My song went well enough - I got a good strong drum intro, but there were some iffy moments regarding tempo later on. I tend to rush (I think it's in every trumpet player's DNA) and without a conductor to look at, keeping a steady tempo in that number is dicey. We got back together in time for Aldonza & Sancho to join in on the final chorus. The applause was loud and Don Q had to hold a few seconds for his next line. I even got my next line right for the first time this week.

Curtain call was also amazing - I don't think we got a standing O but it was a louder and more enthusiastic response than for some shows where we did get one. I know it's not always going to be like this (there were a lot of SDG regulars in the house) but it was an excellent way to lead into tonight's opening.

Afterward they gave out some awards, Don Q. got the newcomer award, Sancho was given the producer's award (he was also our vocal director, costumer and built many props) and Antonia won the Gypsy Robe. All richly deserved. I never win awards, and it probably is because they never give one for "least effort".

There was a "Jake's Night" after the rehearsal, I guess it's a pizza place the cast & crew go to for an after-party, but after a full day of work, helping put the set back together, the show and the ceremony, I just wanted to get home, have a snack, pet the cats and crash.

Woke up a little late, installed the new display adapter, which worked fine. Then installed the PVR card and made sure the machine booted but didn't configure it till I'd gone out to get my nails done (and talk up the show/drop off a flyer with the manager) and make a Walmart run. I have gone up two sizes since last summer, and needed shorts. Also needed some grey or brown pocket T-shirts for the show (need the pocket to hold my wireless mike's transmitter pack). And various household odds and ends.

Configured the PVR card, it works well, especially the HD image, though I need a better antenna if I want to watch HD off the air. I don't really - I have a nice HD TV downstairs for that.

Tonight is the opening gala, I'll wear real pants if I can find a pair that fits. I'd rather mingle in costume, but they said no. There's no chocolate fountain this time, so I probably won't be eating much. I don't like champagne, will stick to water, probably.  

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