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Another Opening, Another Show

Opening night was okay. If it wasn't sold out it was close. And it was packed with friends and family. The audience was even more responsive than Friday's, but not much louder. There were a few glitches, but nothing the audience would notice. I made a nasty scar for myself out of rigid colloidal and powdered rouge which got lots of compliments from the cast. Who ever heard of a ruffian without a scar on his face? I'm surprised I didn't think of it sooner.

Doing the show without intermission makes for an early evening - even with the gala after the show, I was home by 11:30. The gala was a big WTF. Every other theater I've done shows at has the goodies before the show - they open the doors half an hour early and the audience is buzzed on champagne when they see the show. They had a couple of tables of goodies set up in the lobby, and I thought it was pretty cheap until I went outside and discovered that they had a HUGE spread in front of the theater, in the dark. There were some people I talked to after the show who went out the side exit to the parking lot and never saw the bulk of the goodies. There was a lot left over, because people couldn't see what was on the trays, and all the plates, napkins and forks were hidden in non-intuitive places. I never did find any toothpicks. It was lovely having it outside instead of crammed into the lobby, but the execution was seriously flawed.

It was very warm onstage, thanks to 300 bodies in front of us. But we survived. I messed up my song, despite getting a good strong drum cadence and a starting note from the bassoon. I must have transited six keys before the orchestra came in with the right one. I think the problem is I'm being given the first note of my solo, and I really need the second one. I'll talk to the conductor and see if we can figure out what's going on. I am very good at matching my voice to a note that's played, so this is puzzling.

One of my co-workers showed up, he enjoyed it and will hopefully talk it up. He's one of the more social engineers, word will get around quickly.

Today's matinée was a better show, I think, but the audience was much quieter. I got more laughs on my comic lines than previously, and they generally laughed more at the cerebral humor than last night's audience. Chalk it up to them being 90% senior citizens. Greeting them after the show, one universal comment was made - everyone in the show is at the same level of talent. Everyone sings well, everyone can act, and everyone fits their parts. Of course Don Q, Aldonza and Sancho have a lot more work to do than the rest of us, so they get props for person-hours of talent. I don't think I could sustain a role like Don Q anymore. Sancho? Maybe, but not easily.

Next show is a benefit on Thursday, with Friday being the next one you can get tickets to. Of course that's BayCon, and the final Evil Genius party. If you can't go because of BayCon, we have two more weeks of shows Fri-Sun 5/30-31 and 6/1 and then Thurs-Sat 6/5-7.

Work tomorrow. Team meeting has been postponed till Tuesday, but I have a ton of tests to run. Will finally get to a BASFA meeting. Time to go home, dinner will be leftovers from the gala.
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