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BASFA, Baycon Art stuff

Nice to get to a BASFA meeting again. I used 3 out of my 4 pre-paid puns. Got rid of some books at the auction, but was surprised by the bids. A book by cmpriest was laughed at and even pairing it with something from Sheri S. Tepper didn't bring the price up to something respectable. It was a mediocre Perl textbook which made the sale, not Greg Bear's Darwin's Children. And a throw-away CD of children's pirate songs went for more than I'd paid for it at Rasputin's. YMMV, indeed.

Good to see johnnyeponymous fully recovered from TAFF and CC26, and somewhat sad that kproche and bovil are preparing for the final Evil Genius party, but good to see them in a more relaxed setting than CC26.

The -plan was to scan in the paper copy Baycon bid sheet and have the OCR software make it merge-friendly in Word, but Optibase insisted on making the four forms on the page into text boxes, which mucks up Word's merge engine. Had to type the form by hand, but once I had one form done with the merge tags, it was just a matter of copy & paste 19 times to get all my 20 photos slurped in from the spreadsheet I'd made earlier for the labels which go on the back of each entry. I think I'll also make a set of labels to stick on the front since there is no provision on the bid form for descriptions of the subject. I want to credit iamradar and scendan for the photos they are in and built the costumes they are wearing. And the other photos should say when and where they were taken (Thailand, mostly).

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