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Last night I punched "Ace hardware" into the GPS and it took me to a tiny hardware store which may at one time in the early Pleistocene have been an Ace affiliate, but is no longer. And it shared a tiny parking lot with a restaurant which was having some kind of function, so no parking even if I'd wanted to shop there.

The faceplant is because I was looking for the nearest hardware store to where I work, and there is a new Lowe's down the block from Fry's and a Home Despot a couple of blocks from that, both on my #1 alternate route home. There's a lumber yard on the corner where I work, but I don't think they will have the tools I need.

What got me going to Ace, odd but true, is their online store has the Mead brand notepads I love, which nobody else seems to be stocking anymore. The brand X I got at Long's has already ripped its front cover off, after less than a week. Made in China, says the back cover.

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