Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

That Was Fun

There were maybe 8 empty seats in the audience tonight, and the ~ 292 which were filled contained vocal, smart people who laughed at most of the jokes, and gave loud ovations all the way through. Curtain call was amazing. My song went well, though I wasn't sure where I came up with the first two notes. I don't think they were the ones I was cued with. It was a little difficult tonight, because they used too much of that @#$%^&*() fake smoke - Saratoga was well and truly saturated in smoke from the Santa Cruz Mountain fire all day, way too many particles in the air, most of us were choking a little. I personally don't think theaters should use the fake smoke, it's an irritant, no matter what the label says. CO2 is safer, and has the advantage of being heavier than air so it pours off the stage floor instead of hanging in the air indefinitely. Frankly, I think they can do what is needed for this show with just lighting.

Nightshade gave me the clue I needed, it must have been  skydancer I chatted with at Baycon. I see him maybe once a year, he doesn't use his photo on LJ, so I'm not blaming myself for not remembering.

I see from yourbob's post that I missed the SFSF meeting. I wasn't told about it and didn't see it on the schedule, so... If it was after 5 I would have had to miss it anyway. Next year.

Tomorrow, will try to get there in time for 10 o'clock panels. Or maybe not - I don't see anything in the program I really am inspired to wake up early for till 11:30. And as is usually the case, every 11:30 panel is something I want to attend. Need to pick up a pocket program - they ran out and had none when I left.

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