Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fun So Far

Baycon today was amazing for connecting. I had the chance to introduce Glenn and The Lovely Allison to their neighbor farmount. Neighbor being defined as "we live in the Santa Cruz Mountains far from the fire zone". Introduced scendan, whom I met via farmount's LJ, to makellan and kalanasse, whom I met at farmount's parties. And as I was sitting down at a hallway table to go online, cat_herder, who had been chastizing me for that very thing, came by and sat down at the table, followed shortly by mutual friend figmo, both of whom I had first met a couple of decades ago via  edith_mf. And then another mutual edith friend joined us, Paul Metz, who may have an LJ account but I don't know his handle. Several other friends of edith_mf dropped by, and cat_herder showed her glass bead work (which I hope will find its way into a con art show) and explained the meaning of her original online nickname, which I will not repeat here, discretion being the better part of not getting spanked.

So many people said hi. bagelfather, bovil, britgeekgrrl, gil_liant, iamradar, jadecat9, johno, kennita (another person met through Edith), kproche, lady_leandra, lisa_marli, melchar, seamoose, unseelie23, and wolfen_dancer, with an entourage (she looks soooo sexy in her pirate outfit). Also said hi to Hugh Daniel, who brought edith_mf to the party where I first met her.

Attended Artist GoH Todd Lockwood's interview session, very enjoyable. He's my idea of the right way for a traditional artist to slide over into digital, but remain a classical artist.

Also went to the "What makes a geek sexy" panel, and was a bit disappointed that all the panel members were female. But it was a laugh riot, and now I don't know if I'm a geek or a nerd or parts of each. Or neither.

Due to the great hallway table conversations, and the surprise scendan appearance during which I snagged a huge chunk of her time and hugs, I didn't get to any other panels.

Quick note about the new site.

Pro: Lobby, first floor and second floor meeting spaces are vastly nicer than Doubletree. They made a serious effort to provide healthy fast food in three locations. Free parking.Ample if there is nothing going on at the convention center. Otherwise (like today ) not. Great location.

Con: not nearly enough seating in the non-meeting/non-eating areas. Not nearly enough seating in the food service areas. The hallways where the rooms are remind me of a mental ward, and smell of chemicals. Cleaning? Paint? Rooms are small. Internet is not free.

I'm at the Starbucks nearest the theater, need to head over there in a couple of minutes. 

Checked out the art show, only saw a couple of bids. Probably more later, there seems to have been a delay in registering bidders.

O-tay. Time to go. Curtain at 8.


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