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Baycon Survivor

Spent most of the day at Baycon, went to a panel at 10 on comfort reading, and was roundly slam-dunked by panelist caprine when I suggested the Alvin Maker series as a non-genocidal alternative to panelist Valerie Frankel's fave Ender's Game. It was several hours before the WTF cluebyfour hit me that whatever horrible genocidal event she countered with was well past the first two books in the series at which I'd stopped reading. 'Twas good to see her alive and well, and at a Baycon, though. Also attended the Alien Plagues panel, which somehow got bogged down early with the misconception that  a plague is defined as a disease, with many audience members further pinning it down to self-replicating diseases. I was able to bring the talk a little out of the mire by reminding the Biblical scholars therein about the 10 plagues Moses had God rain down on Egypt, none of which were diseases. Locusts was the first (a plague also co-opted by the LDS church).

Had more than an hour to kill after that panel and before art show pickup time, and was happy to schmooze a lot with the incredibly sexy wolfen_dancer, and her newfound Spike-alike friend and then while munching on a sandwich out in the courtyard, spending some time with rackstraw.

Very disappointed at my art show results. Only one small photo sold, no bids at all on any of the others, including the ones of iamradar and scendan. It took maybe 5 minutes to pack up the pictures after the show closed. They apparently did not jury the show, so no awards for best of anything. Not that I ever win any awards, but it would have been a nice touch.

Saw dave_gallaher and dinogrl several times, and was very surprised that with the hugely expanded dealer's room the con couldn't find a spot for Springtime Creations. There was plenty of room in the artists' alley hallway for something to have been worked out. The candle makers, for instance, needed dealer room space like a mine shaft needs a solar panel. And the con table, which could easily have been in the hallway, took up more space than any two dealers. This needs to be fixed. On the whole, though, the quality of goods was up from previous years.

I didn't take many pictures. In fact, I left the camera in the car for most of Monday. Since I was unable to attend masquerade, my photoid instincts were blunted, I guess.  I did get one good photo Saturday:

Bought a membership for next year, then went to closing ceremonies which were almost as short and sweet as opening was. Did not stay for Hiss'n'Purr, there were enough others that I figured any and all comments I might have would be well covered.

Not such a good con for me, except for being able to spend some time with some wunnerful people. I wish La Mancha had not overlapped Baycon, but them's the breaks.

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