Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Is it Monday Yet?

Been a slow day, Tuesday feels like Monday. I wonder why.

After breezing through a bunch of tests, ran up against a major showstopper in the "this worked in the last release, why not now?" category. I had to downgrade my system to the previous release just to make sure it used to work (it did).

Took my car title to the local AAA's DMV booth and got the finance company removed as lienholder. The re-done title will be mailed in a month. It cost $15 - interesting, because online it costs $17.

Browsed through the local LA-Z-Boy showroom across the lot from one of the places I have lunch, and was seriously sticker shocked. If it's leather, it's >$1500. That's for either an easy chair or recliner. The average price of single-body seating implements is ~ $1100. I was looking at beds at Sears yesterday, and the half-price sale stickers for queen beds was $2k or more.

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