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Day of Hump

Went to CORT furniture rental's clearance center, located about 2 minutes from work, and was disappointed to see they have zero recliners, and all the easy chairs are >$350, which is more than some stores sell them for new.

Last night I vacuumed off the broken recliner which has been on the patio since forever and swapped it for the one in the livingroom, the difference being the livingroom one's springs have popped, making it un-sittable, where the patio one's recliner mechanism is broken, merely making it into a comfy chair as long as I don't lean back.

Went online and found a nice recliner at Target ("not available in stores") which was within my price range until they added the $99 shipping fee. It's still pretty close. Penney's has some good deals too, but many of them come with a 4-week wait, which is not acceptable for me. I'm also toying with re-arranging the livingroom, but it may mean moving the piano, which is not on casters.

Or maybe I'll just find another place to move to, if rents come down. It's about time to look into that anyway, now that the car is paid off and the show is about to wrap up. Looking for a townhouse or cottage with washer-dryer, cat-friendly, somewhere in Silicon Valley.

Big adventures for tonight are lining up for gas at Costco, and some surgical strike shopping there, plus a stop at Long's for vitamin C. Laundry.

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