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Lunch Break

The fellow I used to share an office with at MSFT emailed that about a year at Apple has him climbing the walls. Surprised the heck out of me because Apple was his dream employer. Maybe we can find him a place here. I'm working on it.

Lunchtime went to see a townhome rental community not far from work, washer/dryer in the unit. The price they listed on CL is going away, they are making improvements to the units and raising the entry price by $200. Lovely managers, they live behind the office. Nothing is available now, but they expect some units to come open in a month and in two months. I'll have to compare the floor plans, but I think the bedrooms are much smaller than where I am now. The kitchen certainly is, but the patio is bigger. I'm not sold on the place, but it's a possibility if I decide to move.

Also mailed in my Garmin Nuvi 360 again - the original unit was replaced when the audio jack broke, this one's power button stopped working. I'm using my original Streetpilot as a backup. It's a lot louder but hard to see in the sunlight.

Had a scare this morning. Woke up from a dream where someone kicked me, and the pain would not go away. It was bad enough to keep me from getting back to sleep, and it took 8 ibuprofen to fix (4 at a time, 3 hours apart). It's stayed gone, though. I think I just pulled a muscle.

La Mancha show tonight. I'm wearing my sandals and black socks, and have the pocket T-shirt in the car (it's where I hide the mike's battery pack). I need to remember to get out of bed on time tomorrow so I can get my nails done before the matinée.

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