Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Halftime Report

Special matinee performance for Girl's Middle School ...check
Reception for Girl's Middle school...check
Cast&crew BBQ...check
Located Saratoga city hall wifi...check

Now I'm just passing the time till the 8 pm show. Cast call in half an hour. I didn't bother getting out of costume & makeup, though everyone else did. Why bother? Didn't worry about spilling anything on my costume - no one would notice. Didn't spill anything though.

Last night's show was not so good. I started by hitting my head on the too-low, raw wood of the "alcove" entrance. Bad scrape on my head, minor concussion I think because there were a couple of moments where I was woozy later on in the show. The mikes were way too hot for the show, I was getting major feedback during my number. Ruined it completely for me. The audience was kind of quiet, the curtain call was just a notch better than polite applause.

Got my nails done and the litterbox changed this morning, but did not have time to get the pet supplies. Tomorrow, maybe.

The Middle School benefit was just the opposite. Everyone was "on", and although Don Q rewrote some of the script it was all easily recovered from. Massive standing O at curtain call, lasted about 5 minutes. Would have gone longer except the scrim was brought down after they handed us flowers. Two girls from the school handed a rose to each cast member. Don  Q is the school librarian, and the benefit was to help build a new library. I still hate extra shows and two shows a day and daytime shows, but the audience response made it less painful.


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