Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Midnight Show

That was the joke going around after our second show of the day. Another amazing audience very close to sold out, another standing O. Far tighter show than the afternoon performance, but once again we were flooded with fake smoke, and the air conditioning was not keeping up. When we go out to meet the audience, people keep telling me this is the best show they have ever seen at this theater. That's a big compliment - the Saratoga group has a history of strong performances. One of my favorite crazy people, Heidi Kobara, was in the audience. She was my best friend's GF many moons ago, and has since done Foothill College's actor's studio and is a regular at City Lights, among other local places. She was in a show with our Aldonza while La Mancha was still in rehearsals, and knew several other folks in the cast. She does a lot of shows.

Tomorrow will be interesting, several friends are coming, including the one who is bringing the friend I don't want to meet. Also coming is one of my stage wives, whom I will introduce to the current stage wife. They can compare notes.

Boring stuff to do tomorrow:
Buy some aquarium stuff
Hit the used book store
take out the garbage
Put away the whites (laundry)

Which reminds me, I finished reading Black Like Me, one of the many books we were required to read in high school which I didn't. I recommend it highly, with a couple of caveats. The author comes from a very strong Catholic upbringing, and he focuses a lot on this yet never attends a church service as a black man. He says he is looking for work, but never gives any details on what kind of work, or what the employers' responses were. For such a heavyweight experiment, it is a very lightweight piece of journalism. Still, I admire his courage for even publishing.

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