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Heading off to the theater in a minute...last show of the weekend.

Did my shopping, got most of what I set out for. PetSmart's aquariujm helper was not in so I didn't get the anacharis plants or the female gourami.

Went to Booksellers hoping to get books by both Asprin and Pratchett, but they were completely out of Terry Pratchett books. WTF? They even have a special space reserved for his paperbacks, and it was empty. So I took two Asprins and went next door to Books Inc where I bought Going Postal because it sounded like it might have been the Book That Killed Robert Lyn Asprin™.

Signed up for AT&T wireless' medianet, on the theory that it will let me bluetooth from my laptop to my cell phone to get online when I'm on Amtrak (when we pull into major stations, at least). I'm hoping it also means free Starbucks wireless and I can drop T-mobile. But I'm not sure about that.

Time to scoot....

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