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The Day Just Flew By

The show was pretty good, but the audience was relatively quiet. Only 3/4 of a standing O. Lots of missed cues by the orchestra, the kind the audience would not notice - they missed the downbeat for the overture, I never got the drum cadence which intros my solo (but I did get the clarinet cue not so I just started without the drum beat, which meant we really zipped through the song quickly) Sancho didn't get anything for his final number till he started improvising more lines.

My ex-wife from Come Blow Your Horn was there, as well as friend Janice and her current heart throb (the friend I really didn't want to meet) were there. Turns out he is a lot smaller than his photos led me to believe, and he's very charismatic but not the phony I was expecting.  They took me to dinner and we had a great time.

Don Q. loved my T-shirt - I'd made it for the Sunnyvale production. So I cranked out a few T-shirt transfers for him and anyone else who wanted one. I'll bring them next week.

Just before I left for the theater we got email there will be a DVD, so I will send in my check for that tomorrow.

Called the folks, Dad gave me a long list of stocks which are paying good dividends. I'll do some buying tomorrow, I think. There's something wrong with their email, so I read Mom the itinerary for my Israeli sister's trip. I'll be changing my reservation to get there a day earlier, so I can be at both sisters' birthdays. (19th and 22nd). Baltimore sister's is Wednesday. I'm a Scorpio. I was a mistake. Still am. :-)

Went online with my cell phone, it said I needed to create an account at att.com, which I did. After creating the login it made it so I can use the same login/password for all my AT&T wireless stuff, which includes Wi-Fi access, or so it says on the MediaNet page. I will try it out tomorrow after work/before BASFA at Starbucks. I should be able to connect through my cell phone as long as there is GSM data service available - I've done that in the past on train trips to NOLA and Chicago - but this will also let me in at any AT&T hotspot, theoretically.

Hillary kicked ass in Puerto Rico. Tell me again why she should quit? Lemmings, I am surrounded by lemmings.
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