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Time out for Hosing

One of the test cases was written incorrectly, it said to put together four sets of video channels, each with 48 programs on it. So I did. This is about 2/3 more bandwidth than the machine can handle, so it is responding painfully slowly to my attempts at recovery. The test was supposed to say make four sets for a total of 48 programs.

Which means I have time to blog while I wait for it to recognize the HACF command (Halt And Catch Fire, for those of you who don't remember the first Intel processors. Or maybe it was Zilog. Zylog? I forget).

My friends seem to lose track of the fact that the Democratic nomination process is not an election in the sense that the Presidential vote will be. The process does not have popular elections in all 50 states and however many territories there are, and the rules for the process are set by the party, not by any objective government body. The rules can be changed by the delegates to the convention, and by the party officers (such as that silly ruling seating all the FL delegates but only giving them half a vote each). The candidates can work to change the rules in their favor, they can even sue the party if they think the rules shafted them (or just want to gain a political advantage). It's not over till it's over.

In the tradition of Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Mao, Franco and Marcos, the Republicans have decided to keep their nomination process simple with only one name on the ballot. This is not the way democracy is supposed to work, and definitely not a process the Democrats should emulate.

I've been a delegate to a state Presidential nomination convention where one candidate had a substantial lead, and I was pledged to another candidate. Despite the foregone conclusion, the convention officials allowed all of us to have a voice, and when the vote came we felt we had been given a fair shake, even though we lost. I'd like to know that all the delegates to the Demo convention get the same fair deal, because if they don't, the process is broken, and it sucks to be them.

BASFA was fun last night. For only the second time ever, I needed to put more than $1 in the pun jar. There was a lot of that going around. As a test, I put a CD into the auction for a new singer which has a track that's getting almost constant airplay on the commercial rock stations. No one recognized it, I think it sold for 25 cents. I bought an item in the name of the Computer History Museum which I'll give to johnnyeponymous next time I see him. It's like a hand held Babbage engine.

I voted this morning. As a non-partisan, all that was on the ballot were the two state "eminent domain" issues, a Whisman School District bond measure (which just continues one in place which expires every 8 years), a superior court judge (I voted for the only candidate who is not a prosecutor) an unopposed candidate for water district commissioner (I didn't vote) and Liz Kniss, running unopposed for county supe. I wrote my own name in.

Mountain View had primaries for city council, but they are all partisan, sadly. IMHO, city-level politics should be non-partisan.

It was a heavyweight paper ballot. Take a pen and connect the two parts of an arrow to indicate your vote. Weird.

===    ===>
needs to become
for a completed vote.

I much prefer touch screen.


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