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eBay has serious problems with making what ought to be routine things very difficult to find. There was a glitch which put someone else's item on my seller's page. It took dozens of clicks before I could get email to them about it, and then they said contact a live help session, which took 10 minutes for them to respond to, and the person on the other side was very slow reading a simple "kill this auction" request. They now do not let you kill an auction which has bids on it, or is less than 12 hours from ending. After she got her head out of wherever it was, it only took a minute to get the auction killed and my account credited.

So of course I changed my password - but they reset it, and now eBay is not recognizing the newly changed password. When I try to go to the "change password" link which they emailed to me, after I enter all the security question answers, it asks for my password!


Went to Walmart, mostly for kitty litter, but also got some small glow lights to make backstage safer. And I picked up both parchment and card stock paper for my cast closing night gift project. Parchment looked off-color so I used the card stock. Everything printed nicely, envelopes are stuffed and labeled, and now that's done. Whee!

Reviews for the show have poured into Artsopolis, they are short but 5-star. The Campbell paper wedged in a short review, it did not mention me by name and was hidden next to the public notices page. But it was also 5-star. I expect that's all we'll get, what with it being the final weekend.

Meanwhile, my trip to Seattle got shorn of the day trip to Victoria, since it is too much of a time sink for such a short visit, and too big a hassle for my not very mobile parents. don't know what we'll do instead, but I'm sure my brother-in-law will think of something. They've been to most of the usual tourist sites, and after all, my sister grew up there and her hubby worked for Boeing.

Which reminds me, Saturday the 21st I will be on my own, so if any of my Seattle friends want to get together, drop me a line.

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