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Cornucopia Day

Lotsa neat stuff arrived today, more than fit on my patio rack. A stack of dress shirts, Dr. Who Series 4 #1 DVD, three books which will be gifts (one gift wrapped, two not since I want to read them first - coffee table books, no one will notice), and three days early, the HD car radio and mounting kit, which arrived in a badly crushed box. The mounting bracket of the insert was jammed so much it put a 1-inch hole in the radio's box, and went a half inch into the Styrofoam which holds the radio in its box. The bracket is plastic, and it was bent, but I was able to bend it back enough to use it. It took me maybe 5 minutes to remove the old radio and install the new one (same brand, and the old one was mounted mostly with silicone sealer. Remind me never to go to AudioWerk in San Jose again).  It works fine, but the real test is tomorrow when I'll see if the display is bright enough to make out in daylight. And hear what HD radio sounds like. If I can find any. So far all I've gotten is analog. Unfortunately, like the higher priced unit I just removed, the bluetooth adapter uses the CD changer connector, so you can't have both a CD changer and bluetooth. Otherwise it looks like great little radio, and now it's mounted solidly and looks like it belongs there.

Yesterday the Nat Geo cheek swab DNA collection kit arrived, I took the samples (one last night one this morning) and  mailed them in.

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