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It's not over till its over

Note that the Obama "victory" is based on a delegate count which includes people who are free to change their mind. If you only count delegate who are required to vote for a candidate, nobody is coming into the convention with enough votes.

McCain passed that mark handily fairly early in the primary process.

As I've said before, I'm not pro-Clinton or anti-Obama. I am pro-choice, and the choice will be made in late August in Denver. A lot can happen in two months, and until the delegates vote, it's not over. If Barak wins on the first ballot, fine. If Hilary concedes before the convention starts, also fine, but I would rather have her see it through to the end because nothing sucks more for a delegate than to show up at a convention pledged to a candidate who has withdrawn from the race. Been there, done that.

Lots of punditry this morning about who Obama will choose to run with him. If it isn't John Edwards, I'll be very surprised.

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